Boone: The Bounty Hunter


Boone: the Bounty Hunter follows Boone, America's favorite reality-show bounty hunter and his crew, Kat, Denny and Jackson, as they 'Boone' the crap out of delinquent celebutantes. Although Boone is a talented parkour practitioner, he's a bit naïve as to how his skills translate in the real world. No matter. If you're a celebrity and you break the law, you're gonna get Boone'd!

After the threat of his reality TV show getting cancelled, Boone looks for a case that will be ratings gold. A friend that works at the DEA owes Boone a favor, and gives him a tip of a mysterious drug that can't be traced. Boone and his crew think that capturing the perpetrator could save their show and they begin investigating. It's only when they come toe-to-toe with a dangerous Mexican drug cartel do they realize they're in over their heads and are trying to save their own lives instead. In an epic battle royale, Boone and his crew learn what sacrifice, honor and trust really mean.

The stunts alone make Boone: the Bounty Hunter an American classic. This fast-paced, electrifying story is captivating and compelling. Boone is our modern-day vigilante, bent on justice at any price.

America, you're welcome.


John Hennigan...Boone

Spencer Grammer...Kat

Lorenzo Lamas...Walker

Jane Park Smith...Tess

Richard Tyson...Cole

Jonathan Lipnicki...Ryan

Directed by
Robert Kirbyson

Written by
John Hennigan...created by / writer
Josh Burnell...writer
Franco Movsesian...writer
Steve Kogon...additional material
Jonathan Perkins...additional material