Jonathan Lipnicki Doesn't Want to Be Typecast

Posted November 17, 2011

Jonathan Lipnicki

Don't miss this great interview with Jonathan on The Insider where he talks about his upcoming projects – Broken Roads, For the Love of Money and Tag.

"Remember Jonathan Lipnicki, the cute little guy who played Ray Boyd in the movie Jerry Maguire? Well he's all grown up now and he recently spoke to The Insider about his amazing physical transformation and how he's gone from child star to adult actor!"

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There's a shark in the pool. But it's a really nice pool...

Posted October 27, 2011

Jonathan Lipnicki

Written and directed by Tony Yacenda of Woodhead Entertainment, and starring Artie Baxter, Jonathan Lipnicki and Kojo Asiedu, the Shark Pool trailer is good enough to trick some people into thinking it might be promoting an upcoming release. Actually, Shark Pool is a horror movie trailer parody that, since being released only yesterday, has already proved a YouTube hit.

"You've seen Jaws and Shark Night, and in 2012 you'll get a movie about sharks that terrorize a shopping mall (called Bait), but first, this Halloween, prepare yourselves for... Shark Pool. All these ultra hot, horny teenagers wanted to do was throw a really hot, sexy, horny pool party, but then things took a turn for the worse when an uninvited guest showed up." –

Click here to view the YouTube video, or visit the Shark Pool IMDb page for more information.

Broken Roads trailer to premiere on IMTF on 11.11.11

Posted October 13, 2011

Jonathan Lipnicki

Crevice Entertainment has teamed up with the International Movie Trailer Festival (IMTF) to bring you the teaser trailer for its feature film Broken Roads. The trailer will be shown on the IMTF website for the first time on November 11.

The film stars Aidan Bristow, Shoshana Bush, and Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland. The movie is Jonathan's first project as executive producer and is due for release in 2012.


Happy Father's Day, Jerry Maguire

Posted June 16, 2015

Jonathan Lipnicki

With Father's Day coming up this Sunday, June 21, it was only right that Screen Junkies continue their tradition of child actors thanking their movie dads. And this year...

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Jonathan Lipnicki for NOH8

Posted April 30, 2014

Jonathan Lipnicki

Jonathan Lipnicki is the latest celebrity to donate his time and efforts to become a face of the NOH8 campaign. The NOH8 Campaign is a charitable organisation...

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Jonathan Lipnicki Dreams Loud

Posted December 7, 2013

Jonathan Lipnicki

Jonathan Lipnicki stars in a new video pictorial by Brad Everett Young, released online yesterday. The video is part of the Dream Loud project...

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