Broken Roads premieres next week

Posted September 10, 2012

Jonathan Lipnicki

On September 19 the sold out red carpet premiere of Broken Roads will take place at Laemmle Theater in North Hollywood.

The movie is Jonathan's first project as executive producer, and has already won a number of prestigious awards including Best Motion Picture Trailer and Best Director – Motion Picture Trailer at the American International Film Festival.

Starring Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Sally Kirkland, Broken Roads tells the story of a young man named Aldo Russo, a city boy from Trenton, New Jersey. Seventeen-years-old with everything needed in life; till a tragic car accident shatters it, leaving his mother dead and him in a critical condition both physically and emotionally. Haunted by his mother's memory, he becomes lost from the world. Broken Roads is a journey of rediscovery, dealing with loss, life, and hills climbed which forever change us.

For more information about the movie, visit our Broken Roads movie page, the official Broken Roads website, or "Like" the movie on Facebook.

Get involved in Just That Simple

Posted July 12, 2012

Jonathan Lipnicki

Have you ever wanted to be part of the making of a real TV project? Well, now you can. Your support is needed for Just That Simple: a brand new comedy from 10 in 2 Productions starring Jonathan Lipnicki, Brandon Riess and BT Chamberlain as three best friends trying to break into the film industry.

In order to create a product of the highest and most professional quality, the 10 in 2 Productions team require a budget of $20,000, and they are asking for your help! Any donations would be greatly appreciated, and – as both an actor and a producer on the project – would mean the world to Jonathan.

You can make a donation to Just That Simple via their Indiegogo page, where you will find more information about the project and the people involved in it. Every contribution counts, and as a thank you from the team, there are a number of "Perks" up for grabs – including signed scripts, behind the scenes DVDs, and even the opportunity to spend a day on set as an extra.

If you'd like to support Just That Simple but would prefer not to donate, then promoting the show through sharing the Indiegogo page and Liking the Facebook page, as well as following @jts_10in2 on Twitter, are just a few other ways you can get involved in helping make this project possible.

Please note that the following preview may contain language not suitable for viewers under the age of 17.

Rub One Out – A promo for Just That Simple

Posted June 30, 2012

Jonathan Lipnicki

Just That Simple is a brand new comedy pilot coming this Fall from 10 in 2 Productions. It's the story of three young, ambitious buddies that have banded together in an attempt to break into the film industry.

The pilot stars Jonathan Lipnicki as Justin, Brandon Riess as Charlie, and BT Chamberlain as Brett: friends who, despite their drastic differences in personality, rely on each other's support and creative abilities in order to survive the fast-paced craziness of the filmmaking world, and the even zanier characters and scenarios they encounter in the process.

10 in 2 Productions, the team behind Just That Simple, are currently looking for help with funding for this great project – they have set a target of $20,000, with just over a month to reach their goal. To coincide with the launch of the Just That Simple funding campaign, a promo video entitled Rub One Out was released earlier this week.

Please note that the following preview may contain language not suitable for viewers under the age of 17.

If you would be interested in donating, then you can do so on the Just That Simple Indiegogo page, or for more information on the project and to support in other ways, visit the JTS Facebook Page or follow @jts_10in2 on Twitter.


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Jonathan Lipnicki

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Jonathan Lipnicki

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Jonathan Lipnicki

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